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Why can't this week have an extra day? I'm not ready for the weekend! I have too much to do!

Well, so would you, if you started off with the 11:15 show of Jarhead - a powerful movie that tripped a lot of my issues. And then filled two huge Bean's totes with flotsam from the storage unit. Followed by a leisurely lunch with Ms NOLA, who was taking the day off and who decided that, all in all, she'd be happy to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art afterward. I'd have liked to go to the MoMA, to see the DeKoonings and Pollocks, because I've just read De Kooning's Bicycle - there's a story there, too - and in it Robert Long kindled an interest in Abstract Expressionism that certainly took me by surprise. But there were De Koonings and Pollocks at the Met, too. After a dash through the bookshop to buy a book about David Milne, a Canadian watercolorist who's on display at the moment - what an agreeable surprise, and far more congenial than De Kooning and Pollock - we came back to the apartment for a spot of tea, and now I've got to dress and skedaddle down to St Vincent's for another New York Collegium concert. Brandenburg Concertos, of all things. I'm sure that Mr Parrott and his band will completely refashion them.


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Ah, life in the big city!

My Dad, a veteran and an author about his footsoldier experiences in WWII, is very upset about Jarhead, the book (which he read) and the movie, for which he's seen only trailer and ads. What struck you about it?

I hope you'll report on the Collegium concert, as I wasn't able to go.

I was so shocked you wanted to go to MoMA as I felt like I dragged you there the first time we went. I was a bit in disbelief, but there are always more opportunities to hit up MoMA. Just say the word... And anyway, why should someone go to Midtown on their day off from working in Midtown? Sorry for vetoing that one, but we did get to see some De Koonings after all! I promise a trip to MoMA soon.

Ms NOLA is quite right to have been shocked by my desire to go to MoMA; and I wrote the entry in such a hurry that I neglected to mention her terrific suggestion that we meet at lunchtime one of these days.

Looking forward to meeting you there sometime soon.

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