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Mozart: Divertimento, K. 563
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*Fats Waller: "Hold Tight"
*Luis Mariano: "Mexico"
*Bing Crosby:  "Goodnight, Lovely Little Lady"
*Red Norvo/Helen Ward: Too Marvelous for Words
* Lee Wiley: "Find Me A Primitive Man," "Sweet and Low Down," and "Easy to Love"
*Bobby Short: "Sigh No More,"
"Say It Isn't So," and "Moments
Like This"
*Karl Zéro: "Poinciana,"
"I Love You For Very Special Reasons," "Rico Vacilon" and "Inouis."
*Nelson Riddle: "Can't Say No" *Blossom Dearie: "The Gentleman Is A Dope," "To Good For the Average Man," "Comment allez-vous?"


Tune de la semaine

Blossom Dearie is a new discovery, and I'm enchanted. Kathleen doesn't care for the little-girl voice, but I think that Ms Dearie makes it work. She's not remotely as innocent as her vocal timbre suggests, and since the transgressiveness is all in the service of dry wit, the act is perfectly wholesome.

Moving on to Ms Dearie's first, self-titled LP - and having somehow failed to upload remarks about the wonderfully "sophisticated" "Comment allez-vous?" - I've chosen a dreamy instrumental reading of "More Than You Know." It takes a while to get going, but, when it does, those four chords (on three adjacent notes) makes me shiver.