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First of all, happy birthday to Miss G, who turns thirty-three today. I could do a shtick here, but I won't. The Sunday Styles section has persuaded me that nobody of any intelligence gets married before the age of thirty-five. You laugh at parents who want their children to get married at some point, find a companion and so forth, until you become one yourself. Hell, I'm so obsessed with companionship that I haven't given up on Joe Jervis. Just try to tell me that he isn't trying to look marriageable. Ha! And he's ten years older than my daughter, at least.

In other birthdays... I thought that I'd missed the Daily Blague's first. But, no. This time last year, I was moving from Earthlink to Hosting Matters, and nothing much was happening anywhere. This would have been the DB's first birthday, if Earthlink ran a newer version of Perl. Do I know what I'm talking about? Do I look thirty-three?

A kid ahead of me at Gristede's last night got carded, trying to buy cigarettes. Frankly, I did not think that he looked anywhere near underage. But there's a rule at the Food Emporium downstairs requiring that every purchaser of an alcoholic product - and this includes Angostura Bitters - show proof of age. Me, I'm fifty-seven. Do you think I'm even going to be flattered by your asking me to prove that I'm over twenty-one? No. During a period when I hadn't replaced a stolen driver's license, I had a little talk with the manager before I put the Corona twelve-pack in my basket. He assured me that there would be no problem. And when he showed up at the checkout just when I needed him, and rattled off what I realized was a birthday that happened in 1954, I saw how the system worked. I will henceforth say, "010648," and look keenly at the cashier, daring her to demand proof. All the computer needs is a date. Otherwise, the transaction can't proceed.

When was the last time you were carded?


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I avoid getting carded by giving my license everytime I buy alcohol. When I did this recently in Morningside Heights, another patron said, "So you get that often?" I looked at the red wine I was buying and was about to say, "well, not usually," when I realized he was talking about getting carded frequently. He wasn't talking about the wine.

I did get carded with you at the Brooklyn diner when I hedged and didn't order a gin and tonic like an adult by immediately labeling a gin (oh and still looking 14 on a good day).

I got married when I was 24. Does this mean I'm of no intelligence? ;-)

Our most ridiculous carding experience was at a Best Cellars in our neighborhood. Max and I were in there with Ari, and he was entertaining Ari while I bought some booze. Not only did they insist on seeing my ID (not totally unreasonable), they insisted on seeing Max's too, since their policy is to card everyone who comes in and is merely ASSOCIATED with a purchase. Now, this makes sense if a 21-year-old comes in with several suspiciously younger looking and booze hungry teenagers. But two parents and a baby? I asked them if they needed Ari's ID too.

got carded last may in georgia, the young lady at the register said they gotta card EVERYBODY to avoid liability having just turned 79 I LOVED IT chuck

012069 - my 21st birthday, at a local lowlfe bar where I went with equally lowlife friends to celebrate; the first and last time in my life to get carded. Strange, yet true.

The last time I was carded for an actual age check was on my 30th birthday (over 10 years ago now). It was summer in Provincetown and I was wearing a baseball cap so even though I didn't look THAT young normally, the cap is likely what did me in. When the clerk saw my birth date he exclaimed "Oh! You're OLD!" This did not make me feel good. Of course, I'm now painfully aware that 30 is not the slightest bit old, but at the time it felt a bit harsh! I do get annoyed at places like Whole Foods where they insist on carding everyone even if you're obviously well into middle age. So I like the tip that all they really need is your birthdate. I'll try that next time around and see if it saves me a having to fish out my wallet.

- TT

Depends on where you go for me. On military installations like Ft. C. they card everyone for everything regardless of rank, in uniform or out, retired or active, every register at every outlet, PX, Commisary, Class 6 has a placard that reminds everyone, "100% ID Check". In the civilian world, rarely, the grey beard does the trick most often and when it doesn't register with the cashier generally the mention of the birthdate allows, as you have said, the transaction to procede effortlessly. Last night at happy hour in the local watering hole at Peachers Mill and Tiny Town the conversation between myself, another patron and the barmaid came to a question of ages while I was ordering a Black & Tan with Guiness and Newcastle, the barmaid pegged me at mid forties after the patron put me at mid thirties. Next Tuesday I will be one year older than Mr RJ, it was the best Black & Tan I've had in years. And, just as a side note this particular mix will drive the inexperienced barkeep crazy, especially the detail oriented ones, you can't float the Guiness on Newcastle they have nearly the same specific gravity.

Even though I look young, curiously I've never been carded in New York City during the three stays of ten or so days each I spent there (either when I was buying beers in a bodega or in a pub). In Denver or in another part of the western states I was carded each time I wanted to buy beer or to go in a restaurant or a saloon.
And sometimes, but not always, in California.

I was travelling from New York back to New Orleans, circa 1972 or 73, with a friend who was very very very vain. (did I mention he was vain?) We stopped for a night in Georgia and went to have a beer. I had a huge afro and a moustache and hardly looked under 21. He did look it. I was carded, he wasn't, and he was furious. I, of course, being a supportive and loving friend, was laughing my ass off. That may well be the last time. Alas. But in NY, no one has ever cared. I remember getting beers in Yankee Stadium at age 15.........

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