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Sigh... If I were a cool New Yorker, I'd get this racy postcard in the mail. Jean-Claude Baker, the proprietor of the restaurant Chez Josephine, will be sending it to thousands of people next week. It's not inconceivable that I'm on the list. I have been to the restaurant several times, and I know from experience that Jim Dwyer is quite right to say that Mr Baker is "unburdened by excess modesty." There is no one to whom Mr Baker will not shill his boîte.

USPS objected to the - well, you know. Mr Baker proposed a compromise: a banner reading "Censored" in the place of a soutien-gorge. When that didn't fly, he called in the press.

The post office has a long and not terribly successful history as a guardian of shifting notions of morality and decency. In Mr Baker, it faced an adversary with a long and very successful history of self-promotion.

"In the end," writes Mr Dwyer, "all parties agreed: Under part 601-12.11, 'Unauthorized Decisions by Postmasters,' the breasts could show."

How many recordings of "J'ai deux amours" have you got?


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We can't be rid of the Bushies too soon, eh! Yes, let's go the next time in town.

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