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Le Parking


This afternoon, I had occasion to try out the new parking thingies. Once upon a time, there were meters. You put in quarters and turned a dial to the desired amount of time, and it was that simple. Now it's even simpler. You stick your card in a slot, press a button to reach the desired amount of time, and voilà, your card is ejected and a slip of paper pops out of the machine. You place this scrap on your dashboard. The maximum extent is an hour - two dollars.

Then we went to lunch at Jacques. I spilled an almost untouched martini. Lunch went uphill from there, and we were back at the car in plenty of time.

Now I know how New York works! Another anxiety overcome.


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Nice. Soon they will have the same technology for the dreaded gum ball machines (in the exit area of the grocery store) that my mom once threatened to blow up.

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