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Today's weather: A grey day full of grey news from the Grey Lady. The Pope, Gonzalez, Cuba, the Cold War, even - sheesh! Doesn't anybody ever clean this place up?



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From what I've heard on C-SPAN of Gonzalez's testimony today and also his first appearance I can only say that he sounds like a weasel. The first time like a scared little weasel who didn't know if all the evidence, the infamous lost emails, had been properly destroyed. Now today he seems to have more confidence that the cleaning crew did its job but a weasel sound still comes out every time he speaks. Sorry for your weather in NYC, mine, however, has been glorious which along with very light traffic has made for a wonderful work day from Columbia, South Carolina before dawn up to Hebron, Indiana just after six this evening. Even Alberto's whining couldn't spoil such a lovely day. Who was it, Fitzgerald, who said that cigarettes are the perfect pleasure since they satisfy but never satiate? I would argue against cigarettes, they are vile, but I could say the same for myself of driving, especially on beautiful Spring days.

"Feh" is about right...I was amused that a small Roman Catholic school where the Liar in Chief is going to speak for their commencement is opposing his visit. Gee, when neither the Mormons nor the Catholics want you, you know you're in trouble---except, no, he doesn't.

I had to laugh when the papers reported this group of moderate (nice word once) Republicans went to the White House to give him their candid assessment. As the Great One said, "Har de har de har har." As if he could care less what anyone thought. Except God, of course, but his God condones lying and murder.

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