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Georgia Rule

Leaving the theatre after watching a movie for the first time is a highly variable experience. Having seen Avenue Montaigne, for example, at the Angelika, in Soho, and then walking out on to Mercer Street toward a favorite bistro for a croque monsieur, I felt that the only difference between the film's world and mine was the local language. Walking out of the Orpheum, right into the heart of Yorkville, after George Rule - now, that was as traumatic a shift as anything short of a plane crash can be. Let me just say that George Rule is very much set in the mountains of Idaho. There are few spots on the globe that seem as distant from my little neighborhood.

Had I been out of my mind to pay to see something starring Lindsay Lohan? In the struggle for sanity, I began writing the film up right there on the sidewalk, and I had worked out a lot of what you'll find at the other end of the following link by the time I'd walked the long block home. To answer my question, no, I had not been out of my mind.

Georgia Rule.



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