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Never Let Me Go, now on schedule

Moving at a pace that would make a snail look like a Z Car (does anybody remember that joke?), the group re-reading of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go over at Good For You has languished recently, largely because, in devising what I think of as the Daily Blague's daily specials, I quite neglected other undertakings. Now I hope to advance the project with at least one entry toward the end of each week.

Never Let Me Go is an amazing re-read. Knowing exactly where the story is going, I can see how Mr Ishiguro manages to get us there while systematically withholding information. Because the novel is told by a sensible but apparently artless young woman, and is largely devoid of impressive literary effect, it is easy to underestimate. The tone of Never Let Me Go is more straightforward than that of any other of Mr Ishiguro's book, but the narrative is certainly no simpler. Following it closely shows it to be laid out with the greatest care.


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