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Kimono Environments

From today's Times, a bit of Andrew Fastow's colorful testimony against his former bosses at Enron.

Mr Fastow suggested to Mr Lay that "we have to open up the kimono, show them the skeletons in the closet, what our assets are really worth."

How absolutely arresting: open up the kimono and show the skeletons in the closet! Andy Fastow must be as creative a speaker as he is a financier! Not so, however. Kathleen says, "I hate that phrase, 'open the kimono'. I've never told you about that one?"

Another gem, from a story by Julie Bosman about marketing campaigns at spring break destinations.

"When you're in vacation environments, you tend to be a little more receptive to marketing messages because everything is slowed down," Mr. Martin said.

What's wrong, may I ask, with "on vacation"? "Vacation environments" has all the appeal of a bad rash.


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