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Upgrade, cont'd

If you're a regular reader of the Daily Blague and have a taste for very cheap entertainment, then tune in from time to time this weekend to watch the gradual restoration of the site's look and feel. As of this writing, I have restored my links and stats counters, and the color of the banner's background. Now I must go lie down.

Not that this will mean anything to you, but the old MT stylesheet was six pages long. The new one is twenty pages long. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I got familiar with stylesheets four or so years ago.

Lisa, at MT tech support, has been a marvel of patience. I wonder if she's on to me yet. Facing a new problem, I am utterly bewildered. I cry home for help. Having sent that message, I proceed to think more clearly. It's as though I can tackle problems only after punching the panic button. So, if I were Lisa, I'd say, "let's give the old duffer a little time; he'll figure it out on his own." This is true in four cases out of five.


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It looks fine, indeed it has a neat-er look (as opposed to just being neat, which it also is)......

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