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This Week's Tune (See right)

When "Mexico" was a big hit on French radio, a certain gentleman in my acquaintance had just been given his first bicycle. The only condition to his free enjoyment of this wonderful acquisition was that, for the time being, it was not be ridden outside the apartment building's courtyard. This was not an unreasonable restriction, given that the gentleman was then about eight or nine years of age, and living in Nizza la bella - Nice.

It must have been the song, blaring from a radio somewhere. Music can be very inspirational, bien sûr! As luck would have it, the boy's father came home from work a little early, one fine day, and encountered his son coasting, hands free, down the street, bellowing Luis Mariano's Mexican yodel.

"It was the only time that he ever punished me."   


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What a tenor-envy-inducing last note!

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