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The Daily Blagueurs on Frappr!

(PS: I'm going to nudge this entry toward the top of the page for a few days.)

Hot on the heels of Joe.My.God, I have set up The Daily Blagueurs Frappr! Map. I hope that you will stick your pushpin in it.


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Me too, done as well. God, I wish Fowler would put up an email address. Mark, why did I never run into you in the ten years I lived in South Texas in Port Arnansas, Wimberly and Maxwell, really Uhland, right where Plum Creek crosses TX21 just to the northeast out of San Marcos on TX21? Why is that Mark? Get my address from RJ, eh? The sound of your voice would be welcome, but an email will do.

Done! First from Europe, the wide wide world!

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