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It has been a while since the last time my stubborn streak interfered with harmonious relations; I may even have been lulled into thinking that it had melted away. But it has me by the neck this morning, and when I'm not sulking, I'm furious. You don't want to have lunch with me today. Maybe not until next week.

Here's what I don't want to do: make three trips to A T Harris Formalwear, on 44th Street, to have measurements taken for, to pick up, and to drop off a tuxedo. I own a tux, but I've outgrown it, I'm sorry to say. It has been ten years or so since I last wore it. "Formal" events have ceased to be part of our lives, or at least I've successfully backed out of them. For some reason or other, Kathleen didn't give me the chance this time. Months and months ago, she accepted a friend's invitation. Done deal.

I left out the fourth trip: to a charity ball on Thursday night. I can't tell you how unappealing this sort thing seems to me. It didn't always. I used to like getting dressed up and going out. Maybe I still do, but I can no longer hear people in crowded, noisy rooms, and explaining just what it is that I do often draws odd looks.

Kathleen has offered (a) to go alone and (b) to ask another man to escort her. The very worst thing about this business is how tempting these offers are.

No, you don't want to be around me this week. For the first time in a while, I am very unhappy in my skin.


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Well now, it can be irritating to do as your domestic partner wants on occassion, and you know all too well from where I speak, eh? It is but a few hours out of many gone by and many more to come and all of them in your case by in large at a minimum pleasant to say the least,eh? Take the time to get a good fit in a nice tux, put it on and go like a good fellow on your best and most gracious behavior. Look at it as research and data gathering for the blog. Be a good lad, but be a good actor more than that and leave them all with a smile, please. We know that you are capable of a good performance in the worst of situations.

If you both go, then you will each have at least one person to speak to who is not an empty-headed fool.

...or with whom to speak - luckily, I won't be there.

You should allow her to go with "another man". When she (readily) agrees, ask her how long she had this particular man in mind . . . Escort? Sure!

Over six hours now and still nothing from Ozma. You must tell us how this turns out, or even better perhaps Ozma will post here.

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