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Remember Politics?

Looking back a bit, I see that I haven't written much about politics lately. There hasn't been much occasion to do so, or so I've thought. But the echo of last week's "Mean Jean" Congressional outburst, which I heard by chance on the radio, has been hard to shake. It reminds me that, while I'm waiting for the Democratic Party to be replaced by something more constructive, the political scene becomes ever more malignant. How far off our rocker can Bush & Co push us? Given time, I am certain that it could and would destroy the United States of America and every man, woman, and child in it. No point in saying that every day, however. So I'll let Ellen Moody have the floor.

Politics? I don’t write politically regularly. Well, while the present US administation is so egregiously, shamelessly brutal, doing all it can to grind down the vast majority of people in the world for the benefit of a very few; torture is now open and institutionally encouraged; soon many more US women with no money or wherewithal to leave the states may have to endure compulsory pregnancy (admittedly many don’t seem to mind; this way they hope to nail some man to them?); but this is really more of what’s been developed by US institutions since WW2. Bush did get enough votes to steal the two elections. I am literally sickened and disgusted—amused too as they're clearly dangerous and absurd—by the gross SUVs which make driving harder, and parking a nightmare: you can’t see over or beyond them. Road pigs, no warts getting fatter and taller every year; yesterday at Kaiser’s parking lot two couldn’t get past one another in a lane.

The world we have is the world human beings as a group allow, seem to want.

Is it the world that you want?


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God, no. In the US, our world is a brutal satire of acquisitive rapaciousness. Unfortunately, it is largely all-consuming. In how many places in the US can one really live on a human scale at all? Just a very small handful of cities: NY, Chicago, central Boston, SF, maybe Philly and DC; and all but the innermost suburbs are utterly excluded from human livability. Even in the charming little towns of Vermont and Western Massachusetts, one is an auto slave.

The unthinking jingoism and narcissism in our country is unbearable. Imagine how badly I'd do in Texas, or Tennessee, or West Virginia, or really most other places in the US.

P.S.: Yes, I want out; only I'm not sure where to.

Scratch Philly. If you are going to live in Philly for any length of time, you need a car. Perhaps a bike would do, but you wouldn't be safe at night.

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