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Broken English

I'm a fan of Parker Posey, but I went to see Broken English primarily to see Melvil Poupaud. I seen him in only two other movies. In one, Le Divorce, he plays a finky husband who walks out on his family, much to the chagrin of his aristocratic family. Then, in Le temps qui reste, he plays a snotty fashion photographer who is humanized by the process of dying from cancer. He is tall, but so lean that he seems not quite filled out, and accordingly vulnerable. When he composes his mouth just so and opens his big brown eyes, he erases the difference between thinking and feeling. The stillness of his motion suggests that everything needing to be worked out has been worked out. He is a very interesting actor, and he is suited down to the ground for a film by anyone with the name "Cassavetes." 

You think that the fumes of a movie set in downtown Manhattan and the center of Paris would follow me to my favorite NoLIta bistro on Prince Street (the film was showing at the Sunshine), but I was so engrossed by Alexander Waugh's Fathers and Sons at lunch that I was transported to Somerset - a county that I have yet to visit in person. 

Broken English.


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A very satisfying film, don't you think? I don't completely love Parker, but I really believed her performance here and Melvil is captivating. Those eyes! I watched le temp qui reste a couple times on dvd, mostly for him, but also for Jeanne Moreau -- ravaged and yet you can't take your eyes off her.

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