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As I was rounding up pages for August, I decided that there were two that deserved to be re-presented every year. On the last day of the month, I'll point to what is essentially the "About Me" page at Portico, just to be sure that everyone sees how handsome I used to be. And on the fifth, I will point to Fossil Darling's signature contribution to the enterprise: his recipe for a ghastly stew that he aptly calls "Depresseganza." The idea is that the mix of chili, corn, rice, and crushed tortilla chips is just the thing when you're feeling low - the ultimate comfort food. To me, it sounds about as comfortable as the upholstery that lines a coffin.



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Yummy. What a treat for the taste buds...... and who are we to criticize FD, when you asked me to pick up cans of Hormel canned ham???? Can that be any worse than CHILI???? Hrumph.

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