History Books

Operation Mincemeat

2 + 2 (+ Distance) = 5 Tim Parks's Medici Money

In the Central Country John Pomfret's Chinese Lessons

A History of Histories

Isabel of Anachronon

A Splendid Exchange

Sailing From Byzantium

The Classical World

About Mrs Astor

The Savonarola Problem

Helen Castor's Blood and Roses

Peter Gay's Bourgeoisie


The Origins of Conversation

Elizabeth: The Young Gloriana

Direct Testimony, 1307

Founding Ambiguities

Getting Business Going

Greatness Recollected


Impresario of Art


Ian Dunlop's Louis XIV

James Madison

Pazzi v Medici

Paris 1919

Colin Jones's Paris



Tatiana and Alexander

Tsushima and Tsar Nicholas

Victorians Immense

A. N. Wilson's Victorians

Mary Childers: Welfare Brat