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SNOOT (n) (highly colloq) is this reviewer's nuclear family's nickname à clef for a really extreme usage fanatic, the sort of person whose idea of Sunday fun is to look for mistakes in Safire's column's prose itself. This reviewer's family is roughly 70 percent SNOOT, which term itself derives from an acronym, with the big historical family joke being that whether S.N.O.O.T. stood for "Sprachgefühl Necessitates Our ongoing Tendance" or "Syntax Nudniks of Our Time" depending on whether or not you were one. 

David Foster Wallace, "Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage" (Harpers Magazine, April 2001) n. 3. 

Fused Participle (Fowler, Garner)

Missing Term

Redundancy (Burchfield, Garner)

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