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September 26, 2005

Loose Links: Week of 26 September

Super slow-motion moviettes made by David Alciatore. As Jason Kottke noted, the water in a punctured water-balloon holds its shape for a nanosecond or two.

¶ Spend an hour on Memory Lane, where Meg Hourihan, one of the founders of Blogger, recounts her life in technology and her relationship to a form of communication that not only survived the dot-com bust but thrived because of it. (That would be Web logging.) Meg's dim view of the recent adoption of a paid-subscription policy at The New York Times, still in the future when the interview was recorded in May, is well worth considering. Meg's blog, Megnut, has been given what looks like more than a facelift.

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September 22, 2005

Loose Links: Week of 19 September

¶ The Doorman, of Clublife, appears to be taking a break - in Houston. Why he's there is a mystery (so far as his blog sheds any light). But I wonder if we can expect some good blogging when the storm hits.

¶ Time for a rethink!

Kim Pease, a Fema spokesman, said: "The volunteer doctor [Dr Perlmutter] was not a credentialed Fema physician and, thus, was subject to law enforcement rules in a disaster area."

From the Telegraph (Thanks, Max)

¶ Are we having fun yet? Are we ready? Are we ready for Monica: the Musical?

¶ Patricia Storms has launched another strip into the ether, "The Shadow of Too Many Books." No, it's not about my house! Patricia can work magnificently twisted wonders in no time at all. I see now that there is a reason for the existence of Chuck Palahniuk after all.

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September 08, 2005

To Link or To De-link?

This afternoon, Joe Jervis, at Joe.My.God., whipped up some excitement on a useful theme: how responsible is a blogger for the content of blogs to which the blogs listed in his blog roster link? Let's say that you link to MyFriend@x.com, and that whoever runs that site lists a link to DisgustingPorn@y.com. Are you under some sort of obligation to de-link MyFriend? That's Joe's question.

As it happened, I was sitting at the desk when Joe posted the entry, and mine comment is at the top of the list. But I'll copy it here anyway, lest Joe get tired of carrying it around some day.

In theory, everybody's linked to everybody. The question would be how closely. I would not aim for a one-size-fits-all rule here.

Before de-linking the intermediate blog, which presumably still interests you, examine links other than the one that bothers you. Check to see if the intermediate blogger has other blogs, with other personalities. If you're okay with most of the links, then leave the intermediate blog on.

This really is an immense cocktail party, where nobody is host and everybody invites himself. I frankly prefer the idea of knowing, via links, that unpleasant things are going on elsewhere, to allowing an abscess to mushroom out of sight.

The last time I looked, most comments were of the same mind. Many suggested something that I left out: at least for the time being, every blogger has the right to his or her own policy. Which mostly amplifies the negative answer to Joe's question.

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