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March 17, 2005

The Ambassadors III:1

One thing was certain - he saw he must make up his mind. He must approach Chad, must wait for him, deal with him, master him, but he mustn't dispossess himself of the faculty of seeing things as they were. He must bring him to him - not go himself, as it were, so much of the way. He must at any rate be clearer to what - should he continue to do that for convenience - he was still condoning. It was on the detail of this quantity - and what could the fact be but mystifying - that Bilham and Miss Barrace threw so little light. So there they were.

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March 01, 2005

Reading The Ambassadors: Read This First

(I'm going to leave this list at the top of the page for a day or two, and then move it to the top of the Ambassadors Archive.)

¶ Group readings on Good For You follow a novel template. The only text to appear in the posts proper will have been extracted from the pertinent chapter. My comments (this is R J Keefe, prop., speaking) will join everyone else's below the post proper. Keep your eyes on the Comments (N) spot. In another deviation from standard practice, I intend not to post the first comment to any chapter - so don't wait for me! As soon as someone posts a comment to a given chapter post, I will upload a page for the next chapter. Send procedural questions to me via email instead of asking them in comments.

¶ Comments will be accepted for every chapter indefinitely. If you arrive to find that some readers are well into the book, don't feel that you must start your comments wherever they are. I hope that this reading will be highly recursive, with new posts to "old" chapters refreshing everyone's experience.

¶ You will probably find it most useful to engage in this group read via the Ambassadors archives. Good For You has not been turned over Henry James for the duration, and other posts will appear amid the ones that you're looking for.

¶ I'd like to keep our reading focused on the novel itself, but I know from experience how tempting tangents can be. I urge you post tangential comments here, and not to the chapters that inspired them. I reserve the right to move such comments here, but I'd rather be spared such labors.

¶ Because I'm making this up as I go along, you might find it useful to check this page from time to time for recent promulgations.

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The Ambassadors II:2

But a week had elapsed since he quitted the the ship, and there were more things in his mind than so few days could account for. More than once, during the time, he had regarded himself as admonished; but the admonition this morning was formidably sharp. It took as it as it hadn't done yet the form of a question - the question of what he was doing with such an extraordinary sense of escape.

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