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Old Broadway


A few weeks ago, I bought some cheap tickets online, to see Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House at the Roundabout Theatre. Great cast. Philip Bosco, Swoozie Kurtz, Byron Jennings, et alia. Not the best reviews, but, hey, it's Shaw; it's good for you - and the tickets are discounted. We get such offers in the mail all the time, and I've recently decided that we need to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, I am really not on as a theatre ticket buyer. For one reason or another, I'm just not as careful buying theatre tickets as I am with serious music. They're not really the same sort of event: plays run for weeks, while concerts just may occur twice or three times. The bottom line is that I have a pair of tickets to Your Dreams Here that I can't use because we'll be seeing Così fan tutte at City Opera that night.

As for tonight's debacle, I neglected to note that Heartbreak House, being a long-ish show, begins at seven, not eight. I'd have caught this if I'd had the tickets in hand, but the tickets were will-call, and I didn't read the offer very carefully. So I didn't know until....

Minutes before Kathleen showed up at the AA Roundabout Theatre, I took a critical approach to the lack of people going into the theatre. It was then that I looked at the tickets - which I had just picked up.

Long story short: we walked up into the real theatre district and got two very good seats to Butley, the Simon Gray play, premiered thirty-four years ago and written for the late Alan Bates. The new production stars Nathan Lane and Julian Ovenden. It ought to be the hit that I remember Butley having been back then. But it's still in previews, so I shan't say more.

Except that, when I count my blessings, I'll count tonight.


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