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Once upon a time, when Portico, the site that you are currently reading, was my only site, I tried to strike a balance between compulsive, everyday posting and disappointingly sporadic uploading. In addition to such pages as I might add during the week at will, I bound myself to write a piece about current events that would appear every Friday, and it was easy to get to. I was fairly faithful to to the commitment for over two years (although a chunk of 2003's pages were accidentally deleted). Then I began the Daily Blague, and no longer had to worry about regular posting. Also, George W Bush won a second term, and current events became too lowering to contemplate.

Things have changed.

If I were more diligent, I would go back and locate the start of my recent practice of showcasing magazine articles on Friday, but I can safely say that it began last year. Sometimes the pieces are long, and sometimes they're longer. Even more recently, I've tried to keep Daily Blague entries on the short side. That has forced me to do something that I always intended to do but didn't, because I was too scrambled by the hurly-burly of finding out how I wanted the blog to work to see to such refinements. Now, I think, I can manage it. From now on, the Friday Front will appear here at Portico. (February 2007)

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