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Greater Blog Roster

All Web logs are not equal; many are not even internally consistent. In the interest of managing the roster of blogs that I think you'll find interesting even if I don't check them out every day, I'm shifting the Greater Blog Roster from the Daily Blague to Portico, where it can be more easily managed.

Links are like books. Any book that's interesting enough to make you pick it up will soon be lulling you with the Lorelei's plaintive but seductive song, the words to which go something like this: "Of course you'll find the time to read me." And links are free, to boot. Pile 'em on! Soon your list will be intractably long. Taking somebody off your list, moreover, certainly seems like the opposite of the nice thing to do. But at one important collaborative site, I noted that a dozen links - I stopped counting at a dozen - led to sites that had not been updated since early November 2004. (Guess why.) It was more than a little sad; it was like visiting a graveyard.

Besides, is there anything about which I don't have an opinion?

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Ancient History

Portico was launched in March, 2000, and it would be an understatement to say that I'm not sure what it's all about. The appeal of working in an unprecedented form is largely theoretical, or at any rate something that interests me only when I'm not actually working. 

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This is not a book

Nobody living in this country today picks up a ringing phone and (a) says "Hello?", (b) hears a caller's voice, and (c) involuntarily exclaims, "Wow, I'm talking to somebody miles away, just like we were in the same room!" A century from now, the immediacy of hyperlinks - if they still exist at all - will also be taken completely for granted. If they still exist, everyone who utilizes them will have grown up taking computers for granted as well. Even then, though, it may still be the case that nobody reads books on line. 

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