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March 2021

Having spent the past fifteen years blogging, I've gotten used to a high degree of automation, and I've also forgotten most of the fine points that make HTML work. But the very reasons that induced me to abandon The Daily Blague also prevent me from devoting a month or two to re-learning how to do things here. I've got other writing to do. So I make use of the code that is in place here, and simply switch in new copy. That will have to do for the time being.

I have left the old Web site as it was, with its complex divisions and navigational menus and I've more or less turned my back on it. Without wandering from the root directory, I have created three new pages, on which for the time being I shall post what's on my mind. Here's how I envision it: Portico is a vast, creaking old house, and I haven't the time or the courage to explore its many wings with a view to settling in one of them. Instead, I have set up three tents in the great hall.

One thing at a time...





Peace & Quiet

Butter on the Train



Then We Came to the End

Let Him Go

A Visit to Don Otavio



Surfaces (15 March 2021)

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