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Like the fool that I am, I Googled myself.

Very nice that the sites show up. That was really all I wanted to know. But how peculiar that the third item on the list was our engagement announcement. Not the wedding announcement, but the engagement - Kathleen got in twice. Of course it doesn't make sense now; the Times doesn't even think of publishing engagement notices. We wouldn't make it by today's criteria.

What I "love" about the story is the absence of "previous." The way the article is written, it sounds as though my marriage to Kathleen was annulled before I left the church. The Times used to write, "Mr X's prior marriage ended in divorce," or somesuch. "Annulled" is very Catholic. I am one one of the very few men with a child from the first marriage who got to marry in the Church a second time. The marriage to C may have been canceled, but Ms G wasn't.

I don't think that my gay friends truly appreciate my hardships! They never take me to lunch.


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If I'm there, and regardless of orientation, I'd take you to lunch. But only if we see "Paris, Je T'aime" afterwards. Have you seen the picture? Is a review not impossible?

Oh. I realized only now that the much-awaited screening here via Cinemanila is actually late!

"Annulled with issue" is no easy thing, you should be pleased.
And now I've learned the hard way never to google oneself, especially with a name equivalent to JOHN DOE in Dutch. Hordes of me with perfectly awful accomplishments like self-published pulp novels --NOT ME, I swear. None of them is me in fact except a footnote to an article about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The horror. The ignominy.

Take you to lunch?? I'd rather have a brick dropped on my foot. Although I must admit your knowledge of the Mozart (ugh) and the Faure (yeah) last night was impressive. On second thought, forget the brick, lunch is a great idea : on you !!!!!!

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