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Edith Wharton's Sanctuary was first published in 1903. As a novella, it seems to have been out of print for some time, which is reason to celebrate the Hesperus Press's republication last year. The Hesperus Press is a London imprint that specializes in short books, of which there aren't nearly enough. This edition is easy to carry - it will fit in a capacious pocket - and when it has been read, it all but shouts, "Pass me on!"

Having recently finished Hermione Lee's Edith Wharton, I was mad to read something by Wharton, but I couldn't undertake The Custom of the Country, which is what I'd most like to reread. Sanctuary to the rescue!




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I once picked up a first edition of House of Mirth for a dollar from a used book store. I didn't realize I had a first edition until I got it home. Love that book.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm writing from Hesperus Press; it's so lovely to find nice surprises like this lurking on the internet! If you (or any of your readers) would be interested in receiving a copy of our latest catalogue, I'd be thrilled to send you one. Drop me a line at enquiries[AT]hesperuspress[DOT]com, and I'll put one in the post for you.

If you want to keep up to date with the news here at Hesperus Press, we also run a blog, at http://hesperuspress.wordpress.com

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