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In the Book Review

This week's cover story reviews a book that is destined to find its way onto my shelves (which one is a mystery): The Book that George Built, Wilfred Sheed's "big rich stew of an homage that makes you want to listen to Gershwin and Berlin and Porter and Arlen all over again." And how nice to have a "George" in the title that doesn't refer to you-know who.

The other book that I'd like to read, sort of, is Legacy of Ashes, Tim Weiner's withering history of the CIA. Only sort of, though, because I'm not sure that I really want to know just how incompetent the Agency is.

There are three Noes this week. Two are bad books, and two are political autobiographies, but they're not necessarily the same two. I never thought I'd be putting a review by BHL at the bottom of my report, but then I'm not sure that what he has written is actually a book review.

Here to Stay.


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