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Sex Appeal Sarah

Just did a Google search for "Dzegs abbidle Dzeedldra." No returns. Thought I ought to amend that.

Not that I mean to be mysterious. It's Boudledidge for "Sex Appeal Sarah," a music-hall song from between the wars (or maybe earlier). Diana Mitford used to invite her much younger sister to interpret the song, with the juvenile lasciviousness of which only the English upper classes are capable, in front of (doubtless shocked) boyfriends. Boudledidge, in case you need reminding, was the "secret" language spoken by Unity and Jessica Mitford - and, just possibly, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (Debo to you). How I omitted this gem from my writeup of Hons and Rebels is beyond me.

It's proof of the lamentable decline in English letters that "Dzegs abbidle Dzeedldra" does not show up at Google. Until now!


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Thanks for the reminder. The Mitfords are one of those topics that I have been meaning to read up on for years. The whole family were so fascinating. I of course adored Jessica. One of my favorite stories being how she ran off to fight in the Spanish Civil war and her father got Winston Churchill to call out the British fleet to retrieve his daughter. What a family!

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