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Away From Her

If I'd known how good Away From Her is, I'd have made a straight shot for it this morning. But I've been dopily wondering why anybody would want to cast Julie Christie as an Alzheimer's victim. That's as stupid as wondering why anybody would want to cast her as a drug addict.

In any case, I gave Ocean's 13 a try. I went to the Dopiplex on Third Avenue, known to the general public as the AMC Orpheum. Where for three showings in a row they screwed something up. This time: the movie that started after all the dopey credits was Pirates III. Nobody knew which auditorum Ocean's 13 was playing in. I was so disgusted that I actually demanded my six dollars back.

Then I collected myself and proceeded to have a tonic afternoon. I walked down Third Avenue and had a BLT at JG Melon. Pricey, but not ridiculous - and fast. Two more blocks, and I was ensconced in a much better-run AMC theatre. I even walked home afterward. A very tonic afternoon.

Away From Her.


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