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Ear Worm

For years, Kathleen has had a compilation CD called Fire Island Classics/DJ Michael Fierman. She puts it on sometimes when she's organizing her closet. I've always liked the first cut, "The Whistle Song," by Frankie Knuckles, and the penultimate one, Sunscreen's "Looking at You." Yesterday morning, while we were both doing stuff in the bedroom, I noticed that Kathleen went to the machine to skip through one cut; I didn't know which. Later, I listened to the CD while I was tidying the room, as I do on Saturdays, and I heard the song that Kathleen cut through. It was "Hold On To My Love," by Jimmy Ruffin. In the album notes, it is described as an "anthem," and I can see why. It's a simplified, disco-fied version of "Unchained Melody." I listened to it about twenty times. Now it's an ear worm.

What a good, Twenty years after the rest of the world is so over a song, I get it. 


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