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The Last Mrs Astor


Here is a dust jacket that seduced me. I didn't give in without a slight tussle. After all, The Last Mrs Astor might turn out to be what Kathleen and I call a "hairdresser" book, all tease and supposition. The photograph of the new Mrs Astor, which turns out to have been taken by Cecil Beaton, no less, suggested that the project was authorized at some point. My doubts were resolved when I noted that the author, Frances Kiernan, wrote a book about Mary McCarthy. But not, as I erroneously concluded, the one that I've read, Carol Brightman's Writing Dangerously. In the end, I had issues, but the issues had issues, which made for an interesting read.

I found myself wondering what, in her prime, Mrs Astor sounded like.

The Last Mrs Astor.


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