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Idiocracy Update

This just in.

NEW YORK - a public school teacher was arrested today at JFK International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule and a calculator.

At a morning press conference, the Attorney General said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

"Al-Gebra is a problem for us", the Attorney General said. "They desire solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They use secret codes names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the Axis of Medians with coordinates in every country

As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle."

When asked to comment on the arrest, President Bush said, "if God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes." White House Aides told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the President.

(Thanks, Fossil Darling.)


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Brace yourself I'm sending a link to this page to my sixth grader and he may forward it to more of them.

Oh. That was just awful! Thank you. I will make sure it gets around the Math Department at MIT.

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