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Jean-Philippe Toussaint's La Télévision has been in my pile for an unconscionably long time. It wasn't until I bought Jonathan Stump's English translation that I made real headway, but I did read the novel in French. 

(From the Department of You Learn Something Every Day, there's this, said of a sandwich purchased outside a museum: Je n'avais pas fait une affaire." Come again? "It was no bargain.")

In either language, Television is a great read and, because it makes you feel about television instead of just asking you think about it, it's an important book.


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Well you've certainly got me interested with a very Zen like idea

But more deeply it is about the unity of the things that we do with our bodies, not the least important of which is reading novels. (March 2007)
If only my French were good enough to read the original
Ce qui en vaut le peine, mérite d'être bien fait
but from what you've said the English should serve me well enough.

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