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Nancy Staub Laughlin


On a recent Saturday, Kathleen and I descended into Chelsea, to attend an the opening of a show at the Noho Gallery. The artist whose work is on exhibit there is Nancy Staub Laughlin, the sister of one of Kathleen's most ancient friends (and a friend in her own right). We have owned two of Nancy's pastels for almost twenty years, and it has been great fun to follow her career. We were very taken with her new work at the Noho, and if money (but mostly wall space) were no object, we know which picture we'd be bringing home.

An even more ancient friend of Kathleen's was there, as expected, and he and Kathleen soon fell into a good gossip. I didn't even try to listen, but I watched for cues to laugh or nod. That's what you do when you're standing in a noisy room and you're almost a foot taller than your interlocutors. This time, though, Kathleen took notice. "You can't hear a thing we're saying, can you?" she asked me. I could hear that.


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