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"Russia is big..."

Well! At least on-line, the Times has forsaken its "family newspaper" primness, and quoted the Leader of the Free World as saying "shit." I haven't examined the print eidtion of the paper yet; Kathleen says that she can't find a quotation. Still.

Cenk Uygur, at the Huffington Post, calls the president a "third grader," because of his "Russia's big and so is China" line. The sad truth is that Mr Bush is an oil-patch Texan. You cannot imagine the insular arrogance of oil-patch Texans. You have to hear them talk. Mr Bush has done us the favor of opening a window on his world. Listening to the MP3 clip gave me a jolt - I thought I was eavesdropping at the River Oaks Country Club.


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I don't have to imagine it, I grew up with it. Having lived for four and half decades in Texas and Oklahoma it is a very familiar attitude. And, now several with years in the boonies of Tuckasee including five years of travel in all of North America I can safely say that insular arrogance is fairly common everywhere. Where it becomes a problem though is in postions of power, especially Bush's position where not only is it a personal attitude but one that seems to cover most of his staff except perhaps for Rice who has her own peculiar insular traits. The 2008 elections cannot come too soon.

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