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Never Let Me Go: Group Reading Here

This is to announce a group reading of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, to begin two week from today, on Monday, 10 July. Joining me at the outset will be Ms NOLA and JKM, and we've all read the book once already, but you are welcome - nay, encouraged! - to join. I don't know what the pace will be, but I prefer to keep it on the slow side.

Having experimented with group readings before, I'm still experimenting. This time, I'd like to try the following very simple procedure. Simply write your comments as email and send them to me at portico@mindspring.com. I will post them directly, as entries at the Daily Blague.

If you haven't read this gripping, horrifying and finally transcendent novel, now's a good time (the book has come out in paper). If you have read it, you're probably like Ms NOLA, JKM, and me: you want to experience "the second time" - which, in this case, will probably prove to be a lot more different from the first time than most.


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I'm looking forward to this rereading. Others should definitely join. This is a crucial book.

I haven't read the book yet, but this sounds like something I'd like to do. I'll stop by Barnes & Noble this weekend, pick up a copy, and try to squeeze in some time for reading (family visit coming up).

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