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Julia Lambert in and out of the Theatre


Few if any movies have besotted me quite so thoroughly as Being Julia. I didn't see the film when it was in the theatres, but came across it on HBO during a very idle moment. I watched it again and then bought it. And then the DVD spent a week in the kitchen TV. When the movie ended, I would often as not start it over again. I couldn't get enough of Annette Bening's scenery-chewing performance. Never has anyone seemed more alive on film than she does in the role of leading London actress Julia Lambert.

It was inevitable, therefore, that I would read the novel from which it's adapted, provided that I could ...

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I'm with you: the movie is a delight and Bening is just wonderful; the 'revenge' scene is just brilliant. And thanks for the illuminating piece about the book: if I can ever get my stack of books read I will read it.

Agreed! I loved this movie!

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