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Blog Brunch

Yesterday afternoon, I had brunch today with the Farmboyz - T and C of Perge Modo - and Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. I think that we all had a good time; I know that I did. I look forward to getting together again soon, for the conversation was good, and there are lots of things that I forgot to ask about. I did let Joe know that I'm green with envy about his million hits; to which Joe replied that he keeps links to Wikipedia and the dictionary at the ready when he reads the Daily Blague. I found out what everybody does for a day job, but like most of what we talked about, it stayed, so to speak, at the table.

This was not my first encounter with fellow Internauts, but as happens I never did mention the first instance, which was a very friendly lunch at the Metropolitan Museum. Such discretion is undoubtedly perverse in a blogger, but there it is. Is it my legal training? My bourgeois upbringing? Perhaps it's a conditioned response to the consequences of having been unduly garrulous in the past. In any case, both Joe and T have blogs on which they can tell general readers what they'd like general readers to know.

I was asked to come along on last night's Blarg Hop down Christopher Street, but the prevision of myself lying in the gutter, trying to stare the stars into stillness, was all it took to prompt my regrets. The party animal in me is quiescent and ought not to be roused. But I can't wait to hear all about it - on the blogs.


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