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Upgrade, concl'd

For weeks now, I've been running at relatively high speed, bounding out of bed in the morning, sometimes in the dark (at least since the time change) to check the stats for this site, buoyed by the fact that the numbers just go up and up. (Many thanks to each and every one of you! I hope that you like it here!) Lately, there has been a nervous edge to my energy, as I've contemplated and then opted for a platform upgrade. Once the upgrade was completed, there were plenty of housekeeping jobs to tackle. The first thing that I had to do was to edit the Index Template, which governs the look of the Daily Blague's home page, and the site's Stylesheet, from the which Template gets all the information that it needs about fonts, colors, borders, and so forth.

The old Stylesheet was seven pages long when printed out in ten-point type. The new one runs to twenty pages, and it doesn't look anything like the old one. Working with it was like taking a very, very bad examination. The difference was that I got to take it over and over again, until, in the manner of Groundhog Day, I passed. The site looked more or less the way it used to look.

Then, on the phone, Ms NOLA asked why I'd changed fonts, and gone for black letters? It was clear that she was seeing the site as it looked before I'd done all my homework. Thing was, she had rebooted her computer earlier in the day, and the DB still looked - strange. I felt a lot worse than strange. Somehow, I had "fixed" things so that the site looked great on my computer, and on my computer only. (You can see what my default settings for disaster-response are.)

But the problem turned out to have a simple solution: reload. (Thanks, Max!) Reload or refresh this page, if you're a regular visitor and you're not seeing a lot of green. At fault here is Lazy Browser Syndrome. Browsers hold stylesheets in their temporary files, and are lazy about checking for changes. Reloading a page forces them to take a closer look. (I don't know if anything that I've said her conforms to digital reality, but that's what it looks like.) So, give your browser a little kick in the seat, and see what happens.

The second task facing me, embodying the whole point of this ordeal, was to adjust the Individual Entry Template - which I think of as "the permalink page," or what you see when you come to the site via Notification or an RSS feed, or maybe just via a link sent to you by a friend - so that it, like the main page, bore a white sidebar, with such important stuff as my picture, my blog roster, "Recent Comments," and all that sort of thing. And my stats counters. As of yesterday, visits that do not include the site's home page will be tallied along with those that do.

The rest of the jobs will have to wait. This morning, I woke to a wall of fatigue so mighty that I couldn't imagine getting out of bed, and, when I did get up, it hurt. It really hurt! I read the Times with something like despair. It wasn't fun to be too pooped to pop, as my mother used to say. But it made sense, and I went along with it. Here I am.


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