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Where There's A Will, There's A Way

Three Duke students were determined to help out in New Orleans. And, despite everything, they did. They drove some ailing people from the Convention Center to a hospital in Baton Rouge.

"We felt pretty satisfied that we got involved," Mr. Hankla said. "But we all kept talking about how it was possible that three kids in a two-wheel-drive Hyundai were able to move people out of the city and the National Guard wasn't."

The story's by Ian Urbina.


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My hats are off to them, but surprised? How could they be surprised? With no one in charge, and yet everyone in charge, you get chaos.

I vulunteered for six hours at a Red Cross location in Manhattan last Tuesday. I presumed I would be taking donations. However, after a half hour's orientation, I was put on the phone with desperate people calling from all over. The well-meaning but clearly exhausted and over their head ARC staff gave conflicting answers to fairly basic questions, the phone lines were jammed, the websites sometimes unwieldy and in all, I left despairing for all the people left in the mess.

It is clear this morning that while the Mayor is encouraging people to come back to certain areas, at the Federal level there is doubt if this is a good idea. No one is yet in charge........heaven help them if the latest storm comes anywhere near there......

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