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Trains and Gains

Otis White writes in today's Times about something that occurred to me in the early days of the Katrina disaster: why did nobody think to evacuate people by train? If anybody did have that idea, it was shot down and not widely discussed. Earth to United States: railroads are the future, not the past.

If the federal government needed another reason to support the development of modern, high-speed passenger rail, then here it is. Not only can it reduce congestion, save energy and strengthen regional economies, in times of emergency it could be a critical third way out.

Mr White's piece is available to all; that is, it isn't Times Select.

In other news: Citigroup analyst George Friedlander puts it very well:

A clear case of justice DeLayed.


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As a denizen of NYC, I thought about trains, but was unaware that there was any passenger rail service left along/from/to the Gulf Coast. As for the odds of evacuating all of Manhattan in a hurry....

actually on CNN for days now there's been a big deal about how amtrak offered New Orleans 1000 empty seats on a train leaving new orleans the night before but that no one took them up on it. CNN says amtrak talked to mayor Nagin's head of disaster planning and Nagin denies that he ever got the request, but has never followed up to find out why or if he was ever (never) told.... looks like things are imploding around Nagin....

Yes, the Crescent takes you up to Baltimore, DC, Philly and NYC. The City of New Orleans (think of the Arlo Guthrie song) takes you to Chicago and onward. There is also service to California from New Orleans on Amtrak.

Amtrak schamtrak.....

the news here is about Tom DeLay. I trust there is an especial place in Hell for him. And with the Abramoff investigation exploding, one can forsee some birdys talking talking talking and some major heads will roll.............. all you need is one, which is why former La. Gov, Edwin "laissez les bon temps rouler" Edwards is in a Texas jail: one bird chirped, in this case Eddie deBartolo, intent on keeping his team (SF 49ers) rather than keeping silent.

Has no one interviewed Edwin Edwards to see what he thinks about the disaster? And where is his beloved ex-wife Candi? Is she taking in evacuees and feeding them some good home cooking in her empty Baton Rouge home?

Thank you, PPOQ, for reminding me of the Crook.

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