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The Brown Maneuver

Anybody who's wondering how Michael D Brown can be relieved of his "Gulf Coast duties" while remaining head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency hasn't been paying attention. The White House has been so profoundly reconceived that the President, while remaining the Chatterbox-In-Chief, was relieved of his duties from the start. This arrangement allows Mr Bush to serve as a warm, lovable, and unthreatening guy whom the less attentive among us can look up to, while dragons like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld hand the country over to corporations. It also allows Mr Bush to concentrate his energies on running the George W Bush Campaign, a Scout troop for untalented cronies, such as Mr Brown, whose only real "skill" is lockstep loyalty.

I hope I'm exaggerating. Nothing of this is new, but the Brown maneuver is an elegantly simple display of Bushism at work.


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Bravo! Bravo, indeed, Mr Keefe, you have, in less than one hundred and fifty words, illuminated Bush and his buds with such brilliance and clarity that we could only wish for a magnifying glass to kindle the ultimate solution using some of your sunshine here.

Yes, very well put. Someone had to take the heat and it wasn't gonna be George W., no sir!

i speak with a modicum of naivete, but since the liberal media would have guts for garters, they picked upon a candidate where there was no objective facts, just insinuation, hatred and bloodthirst. how easy to crucify this brown chap - once the liberals vent spleen there is no protection, common sense or rational behaviour, so of course Brown hadda go, now we await the pillory of the admiral, go liberals go, but please remember there is a big united states on the other side of the Hudson,

That is very tired Chuck. The disingenuous labeling, libeling invective game won't be enough, this time, now that the risk of domestic disaster has actually accrued in the "big united states west of the Hudson", to deflect attention from the political opportunism, recklessness and basic incompetence that has increasingly distinguished this administration for the past five years. This has nothing to do with the media. It is all about the systemic abuse by George Bush of his executive powers and powers as commander in chief of the military.

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