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These two dodos make Louis XVI look good. Marie-Antoinette, even.

In other news, I'm exhausted. Seriously out of gas.

There have been four incarnations of Madison Square Garden, the arena that long ago drifted away from Madison Square. Perhaps because of all the fun I didn't have going to the circus at the third Garden, in the Fifties, I have never been in the current manifestation. I wouldn't go even to see myself win an award. In my opinion, the Metropolitan Opera House, which seats nearly four thousand people, is far too large. The Garden holds up to twenty. I don't want to be indoors with twenty thousand other people. Not for anything.

The Times this morning tells me that there's going to be a fifth Garden. That's good news. Another ugly building gotten rid of. Another souvenir of an unfortunate time in New York history - a time when New York tried to be just like everywhere else, only bigger. There has been a lot of talk lately about New Orleans as this country's most unusual city, but I'm sorry, that has got to stop. With its huge immigrant populations, half from foreign countries, half from within the United States, New York constitutes this country's Loyal Opposition. 

Why not build the next Garden in Long Island City, and make Manhattan a blessedly grown-up, sports-free borough?


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If the Dolans want to re-build in Manhattan, fine. They are the reason that the West Side Stadium failed. And a Madison Sq. Gdn in LIC wouldn't quite have the cachet......

Sports = Good
Bush family = Bad

That is all I have to say. Also, I am probably the only person excited about the Nets moving to Brooklyn. I hope I stick around Park Slope long enough to be able to walk to a game.

Is that a composite photo? I can't believe it.

It's definitely a composite picture. Hello, August/September in NOLA? No jackets needed, sir.

Sports = Bad
Bush family = Unbelievably bad

(Sorry, Ms. NOLA).

Any hope that they can rebuild Penn Station in its place to its original McKim glory? Damn, I thought not.

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