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Het Overstromen

Zounds! It has taken me a while to resume my regular blog-reviewing, checking out the provisional lists of blogs that I keep in my "Favorites" folders. Among the first in "Foreign Blogs" is Hollandaise, written by Jasper Emmering, a research physician in Amsterdam. I discovered the site just in time for Mr Emmering to take a vacation, from posting blog entries, anyway, and I got into the habit of skipping the link from "Favorites." Until today, and, oh, my, am I blushing. Why didn't it occur to me to check out Nederlander blogs after Katrina? I have copied the permalink to an entry in which Mr Emmering quotes an account of the 1995 Rhine flood. The flood destroyed a lot of property, but the evacuation of half a million people (and many more livestock) was effected without casualty. The event needs more study by all intelligent Americans. If Nederland can do it, so can we.

Be sure to look over all of Mr Emmering's flood-related entries.


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