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To say that I hated the twin towers of the World Trade Center is an understatement. I hated them so much that I still hate them. I will always hate them. Exemplars of American banality at its most offensive, those two dumb ding-dongs shocked me when they were built. I used to wish (not alone in this, apparently) that they would just fall over. Empty, bien sûr.

The windy plaza. The misanthropically narrow windows. The rattling, freight-car elevators. The sense of something done on the cheap that turned out to be all too true. I can't even say "good riddance!", because the towers proved how wrong-headed rich and powerful men can be. That they were built at all remains unforgivable.

I am sane enough to hate the towers most for clouding my response to the real tragedy.


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I think it might have been saner to vent your spleen about the admittedly ugly towers on any other day. There are too many people, including myself, who are still in shock from having been at Ground Zero or near enough to it to have watched the towers come down, and I'd be so happy to still be offended by their presence.

I too hated the towers and always took offense when people would say- "oh, I know I'm getting close to the City when I see the Twin Towers". Maybe it's because my father had taken me to the site when it was just fill and waste land- it seemed absurd that anything built there would deserve a name so grand as the World Trade Center.
To me, the symbols of the City have always been the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty and Broadway.These icons are resolutely in the middle of the bustle and activity so central to New York.
As for me, I plan to commemorate the day by going to church. It's so strange- weatherwise, today is exactly as it was four years ago, when outside my apartment window at this exact time, children squealed in play, black helicopters omminously beat their rotors and young soldiers with M-16s guided traffic.

Hello ! un salut depuis Paris...
I think I've understood your text, today !!! Well, that's good to be free enough to continue to hate the twin towers even after the tragedy.

From the top of the tower, the view was formidable, beautifull! and hating those who brought tragedy on so many lives wouldnt be better?

But in reality, hating eats our own souls, I learned that after having spend some time, hating one of my boss at work. I does no good, no bad to the one we hate, but it eats ourself.

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