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Vanity Googling

In Something's Gotta Give, Harry surprises Erica with the information that there are a few thousand Web sites that mention her. When you do this using your own name, it's called "vanity Googling." But trying it out the other night did little to boost my ego. Almost without exception, the returned links ran to comments that I have posted on other sites. Oh well.

I hadn't been to some of the sites in a very, very long time. I had completely forgotten a few. Revisiting them this time, I was clever enough to list them in my ever-expanding index of Favorites - in two different categories, if possible. I'm relying on this index more and more to keep up with the Blogosphere. I try to run through at least one category a day. In any case, my idle bit of Googling turned out to be constructive.

There was one link that mentioned me. "I love you, R J Keefe," wrote one Katie. That's always nice to hear, but I wondered why Katie had been moved to say so. It turned out to have to do with a favorite line from Radio Days: "Hark, the cannons roar! Is it the king approaching?" (If you know this Woody Allen classic, you will now find yourself helplessly practicing "roah, roah, roah.")

There were nine hundred hits in all, of which about a hundred and fifty were actually different. For some reason or other, when Kathleen tried it at the office, she got - a few thousand. 


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Okay, I googled my name and it came back 143 items, some of them even another person and one of them long time deceased! The others in other blogs and a lot in blog comments.

Only two hits and one of those doesn't count for me, I've been a very good boy. Most interesting from the top of the hit list on "R J Keefe" were the 'Cooking for ...' entries which I haven't had time to explore and "Students blog after high school shuts paper". I wonder what Clayton would say if he knew his target was an attorney? And did you know attorney comes from the French?

Whoo HOOO, RJ. High class blog indeed. Wonder what that will do for your hit ratio. You are nothing if not high class, n'est-ce pas? It's interesting to see you vie for recognition in a medium that I'm trying to figure out how to cut out of my life. I have the same ambivalence toward the Internet and electronically connected life that you do to TV, high-minded French language crime series aside! It takes more time than TV and has become a chore that I resent most days, in spite, like cell phones, of the convenience and apparent indispensibility to modern life. While I'm at it, I'm aiming for a house off the grid, a bicycle for transportation, and no more flying. I'd have a garden if it weren't for the deer and the iguana and the plentiful organic farming in my area. Cranky this morning, eh?

Bicycling, getting off the grid, gardening all that's headed in the right direction to my mind but ditching the Net and modern communications, no I can't go there. I think it's all about balance, the Net steals as much of your time as you allow and it can become a compulsion if not an outright addiction. Despite all the dangers and the time consumed I wouldn't want to give up a high class place like RJ's. Where else would someone like Susan have brought to mind the French phrase, n'est-ce pas, which I've been trying to recall for months. I suppose if I were serious, I would have found a dictionary, but I've freed myself from books, saving them not reading them, much like RJ and Susan have ditched TV. Life without the Net, or the telephone, or electricity, or without a host of other modern conveniences is not for me, dependency, compulsion and literally tons of books I can live without but not convenience.

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