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Boy, does this look good. With another sultry week forecast, I try to estivate, which means feeling as little as possible while the days go by. It is extremely demoralizing, and no amount of air-conditioning completely clears up the fug of stationary air. On TV5 yesterday, I heard about drought-related fires in Provence and in Portugal.

After the news, a show came on called "Les Enquêtes d'Eloïse Rome," about a woman police investigator. It was surprisingly engaging, and I was eager for the dénouement. But I missed it, thanks to a phone call that I had to take. Now I will never know whether the doctor's wife was really about to die from pancreatic cancer. That's what I get for watching television.

Oh, let it snow!


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Snow. Now *that* might break the heat.

There's the period from November to March: plenty of time for snow. I enjoy not having to wear a hat, scarf, heavy coat, gloves, boots and other paraphernalia like extra sweaters or shawls and heavy tights just to walk outside for a few blocks!

Here, here! Snow! Bring on the snow!

Yeah, there's plenty of time for snow. I would only take snow if it was a one time only way to take the edge of this heat, but I think we're okay right now anyway.

I vote for immediate snow as well. That picture was strangely comforting.

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