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As If

Last night at dinner, Ms NOLA asked me how Team Vacation went, quite, I thought, as if she hadn't read enough about it here. But what she meant was, had we gotten rid of enough stuff to be able to move into a smaller storage unit.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Maybe I didn't try hard enough. Kathleen was actually sorry to go back to work this morning, after her week "off." That was not the case when we moved into this apartment twenty-two years ago. While I was maniacally nailing pictures to the wall and taking books out of the box and shelving them just so - as if to be in the middle of a move were somehow disgraceful - Kathleen fled to the office for relief.

She did suggest, however, that I go to the movies this afternoon. And perhaps I shall. That will give me something to do while I wait to hear from MovableType why it is that all comments to my three blogs - not just the ones posted, spam-like, to older entries - are currently being held for my approval.

Perhaps I ought to repeat that in tones more clarion:

¶ At present it appears that your comments (for which I am hugely grateful) will not appear until I approve them. I don't know how long it will take to get to the bottom of this irregularity, but don't let that stop you from posting your comments multiple times in frustration. Pended comments are very easy to get rid of, and eventually your contribution will appear, unless, of course, you are a nasty comment-spammer, in which case you are certainly not reading this.

Update update: Disregard the preceding paragraph. Who knows what it was, but it spontaneously fixed itself. I blame PPOQ.


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Thanks, RJ, for the heads-up about the little problem with posting comments. On the one hand I couldn't imagine your disallowing even my comment,and yet while it was happening I figured it might be so. Dismaying even for a 65-year-old who should be beyond that.

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