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Lost & Found


If anybody out there knows a sixtyish Greek woman née Katerina Koini, tell her to give me a shout. Kathy (as we called her) was a vibrant exchange student at Bronxville High when I was in tenth grade, and I'm still profiting from the things she taught me, such as, for example, Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet. I remember a letter in which she told me that Europe was "dead." How wonderfully wrong she was! (I was "Bob" in a former life. Don't even think about it.)

If you hang out in Laguna Beach, perhaps you've met my prep school friend, Michael O'Connell. If so, stick him with a hatpin and tell him to send me another postcard, only this time not one of the White House.

As for Jean, I know where she is, but I don't get many postcards anymore. Boo!


Speaking of things lost and found: you found a copy of the Illiad and a postcard from someone I knew and were to send it on to Tuckasee. We've never seen it here, did you send it?

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