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I Promise


Happy New Year! We finally got to the caviar. Kathleen bought several ounces of sevruga on Friday afternoon, but we didn't get to it until nine o'clock this evening, as a snack before dinner. (For dinner we had mushroom and Brie omelettes, cranberries, and Durkee's French's onion rings. We were watching Letter to Three Wives, about which more later.) That's the kind of year we've had - 2004 still isn't over!

Here's an idea: let's concoct a chemical spray that drives enemy soldiers to rape one another! It's obviously a lot of fun to do weapons R & D, dreaming up truly kinky scenarios and then typing them up all-official-like, and it's hard to believe that the author(s) of subparagraph (3) at the top of page 2 consider(s) this "example" entirely distasteful. (Thanks to Andy Towle.)

And under the "Reckless and Incompetent" rubric, we can add this.

If I may make the occasional curmudgeonly request, can somebody please sequester the music download posts and sites? They are altogether too... precious. I'd say, "You have no idea how ridiculous these posts are going to look X years from now" if I didn't know that the blogs themselves aren't going to exist X years from now. But, still.

I have decided to appropriate the medical school term, Grand Rounds, for blogging, as my one New Year's Resolution. It means having a look at each and every one of the blogs on your roster. I will do Grand Rounds... tomorrow.


heh. I like "grand rounds'. But if you used a newsreader, you old curmudgeon, you could see all the new stuff on everyone's blogs ALL AT ONCE. I think Grand Rounds should be reserved for "visiting each blog with other bloggers and having an extended conversation diagnosing everything that's wrong with it and how you would go about fixing it, and also periodically throwing out difficult technical blogging questions to the less-experienced bloggers in an attempt to humiliate them, a practice known to med students as 'pimping.' As in: "Biscuit, what is the difference between Atom and RSS and how does it affect your newsreader?"

Point taken - "Grand rounds" implies a group. The newsreader thing was more or less next on my list. Recommendations for good providers most welcome!

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